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The French brand Opalona is proposing shirts and accessories for more than 10 years and has always try to associate quality with price.
An adjusted fit, a large range of strong two-ply fabrics, meticulous stitches and a European manufacturing, are a part of the secret of our dress shirts success.

To keep the best quality price ratio, we never make superfluous flashy marketing, luxurious packaging or incredible discounts. We focus all our strengths in the product because our customers are just looking for a quality shirt at a fair price all year round.
We prefer to reward our customers with a loyalty program instead of proposing dumping prices once a month.
Even if we propose some discounts during the sales period, our permanent collection keeps the same fair and affordable prices.

Opalona was founded in Paris in 2004 and only sells online. We make the choice to distribute without any intermediary our products to offer you the best price. We cannot afford to offer an additional margin to a distributor. That’s why you will only find our products on our website. Our online strategy was successful till now and we can count on thousands of loyal customers who are wearing each day our shirts with satisfaction.

If you have not already tried our shirts, we invite you to discover the quality of our 300 models available on our website. For more information on our shirts please have a look to our savoir-faire page.
Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for any question you will have concerning our products or services.

The Opalona team